#NonbarAISBDG ARSENAL vs Olympiacos

#NonbarAISBDG ARSENAL vs Olympiacos

#NonbarAISBDG UCL matchday 2

ARSENAL vs Olympiacos

Rabu 30 September 2015 pkl 01:45 WIB

Ramen Giant Jl Cihampelas no 204

Member/Non 12 ribu

Be there Gooners !!!

LIVE di Indovision Soccer Channel 101


  1. It seems to me that some of you supporters – and you know who you are – like to jump on the band wagon and slate ceiratn individuals. When Diaby scored that brace on opening day some of you same people were sucking his dick and saying that he was the new Viera, he’s constantly being played in different positions and has still tried to play his game however inconsistent that is at times. Where are the fans who watch Fabregas give away the ball continuously (especially like yesterday) and sulk on the pitch and not say a word or is it that the media is still courting him that makes it ok not to comment on this. Oh yeah by the way I do go to the games so I don’t want to hear that I should go support another team or that I am an MOTD supporterjust because I have an opinion that is different to yours. Just a thought……..

  2. How about this as a anti Obama ad.Black Panthers want you to vote for ObamaA vote for Obama is a vote for the Black PanthersWhen you vote for Obama your voting along with the Black Panthers.

  3. Pau WeinbergerDoes that mean that Serabu was not posh?Looks like you’re all enjoying this far too much. Are you ever coming home again?

  4. Field,I feel like a proud parent reading this post! I’m sure this day can only be topped by my son crossing the stage at graduation :)I’m pressed for time here so I cannot say all the things I’d like, but… that speech was undeniable. It made me proud, it made me emotional, and the revelation of this mans character is even more apparent.I heart Obama.And, whenever you’re truly ready Field, I’ve got a Big Gulp in the fridge for you.


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